Sunday, March 29, 2009


My favourite food is toasted Ham+Cheese+Tuna sandwich because it is delicious.I think my favourite food is half-healthy half-unhealthy because I always eat it toasted and my mother says eating it toasted is bad for me.I think it is important to eat healthyly because being sick is horrible.You have to drink SMELLY and HORRIBLE medicine and if you have cough you cough in your sllep until you wake yourself up wet with sweat.If you have fever it's so horrible that I don't know how to describe it.Some dieases are assiociated with dieases because you get dieases if you eat to much unhealthy food.
I knoww that vegetables are good for me .I like to eat some vegetabls only.I hate brocoli, cauliflower,and cabbage. Actually I can hardly see what is the use of the school's campaign in encouraging pupils to eat fruits and vegetables., Some will proably think it is a joke.

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Miss R said...

Dear Amanda,

I guess the school is trying to instil in pupils the habit of eating healthily. Even though the campaign is only for a short period of time, we hope the message stays with all of you. This year is a very critical year for all the Primary Six pupils. You must eat well so that you have the energy to do your daily work and revision.